Other Services Offered

Strategic business planning 

We will assist to prepare a realistic and attainable strategic business plan which will focus on your ultimate objectives and allow management to think strategically and act operationally. The plan sets the overall vision (direction), mapping the direction you want to take and be in the future. It will incorporate a framework for decisions or for securing financial support – if you so need,or provide a basis for more detailed planning and assist benchmarking and performance monitoring.

Business valuations 

We can assist you through the preparation of a realistic business valuation to estimate the economic value of the owner’s interest in the business. The valuation will be used to determine the price financial market participants are willing to pay for the business.

Options for raising finance 

We can assist in advising on suitable sources of financing your business. This can either be debt and/or equity. The financing option depends on your needs and investment goals.  

In debt finance money is borrowed and is normally repaid with interest while in equity; money is raised by issue of shares for some ownership expecting a return as either dividend or capital or both.   

Debt Financing can be obtained from several sources such as Commercial banks, Commercial finance companies (companies turned down by commercial banks turn to these banks), leasing companies, state and local government lending programs (state and local governments provide direct capital, grants, small loans at reduced interest rates), Trade credit and consortiums. Sale and issue of shares will normally raise equity finance – this can be by private or public issue. 

Tax advisory 

Our tax advisors will provide the right tax advice for your business, making sure that at all times, you are in compliance.

Accounting software training  

We can assist in training your staff to achieve a reasonable level of competence in the use of various accounting software such as sage accounts and financial controller, Xero, Quick books and Sun systems. 

Recruitment and Work placement 

We can help recruit finance staff for you to fill permanent or temporary positions. 

Forensic accounting 

We can help you investigate and report an irregularity. We will utilise our understanding of business information and financial reporting systems, accounting and auditing standards and procedures, evidence gathering, investigative techniques, litigation processes and procedures to perform our work. We will play a proactive role to help mitigate the overall risk by designing and performing extended procedures as part of our work primarily as deterrent against potential future fraud or irregularities. 

Computer forensics  

In the event of a computer irregularity or fraud, we help analyse the computer systems, recover data, analyse a computer system after a break-in, for example, to determine how the attacker gained access and what the attacker did etc.

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