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We have a varied portfolio of clients from retail, leisure, to property rental and development.

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Unilinks, we want to engage you at a professional level. We only commence work once we have an agreed formalized agreement which clearly stipulates our role and fee to be charged. You pay only for the bits you need and later for any other add-ons. This way, you know your fee structure in advance with no room for any unpleasant surprises and erratic fee increases.
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Unilinks, we come to you or you come to us. Our approach is both flexible and competitive so we are able to easily adapt to changing client needs. To see how we can help email us at customerservice@unilinkservice.com for a free cloud accounting brochure.
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Unilinks, has a local as well as a digital global presence. Our approach is both professional as well as very personalized. We have a fixed fee structure, so you know well in advance how much will be charged. It gives you extra protection against unpleasant fee surprises or any erratic fee increases.
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